1. If you swallowed the Cupid Capitalism Arrow, lock, stock & Birkenstock....the solution for you is:

Chocolate, Chocolate & more Chocolate!!
(Eat this preferably before and after you check your bank balance)

PS If you didn't get chocolate, this is a good day to buy some - it's on sale!

Recommended Reading: Fairy Tales! 

Or, if you've given up reading fairy tales due to your grown-up condition read this fascinating article about fairy tales:

Les Contes des Fées: The Literary Fairy Tales of France
by Terri Windling

(warning: you may revert to your childlike self & want to read fairy tales after reading it...)

2. If you fall in that middle-of-the-road crowd, happen to be in a couple, and the whole thing makes you feel a little nauseous, but you succumbed in the end and dealt with it by drinking way too much....the solution for you is:

A long bath with a glass of wine (if you're sick of the colour red, a white WHINE is refreshing in a hot, steamy bath).

Recommended Reading
Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (you can read an excerpt by scrolling down the B & N link)

For more recommendations check out Guernica Editors' Picks

3. Declare International Miserable & Alone Day.

In case you didn't get all that bitterness expunged yesterday...go for a long walk, preferably in rain, or better yet, slush. 

Today there won't be too many lovers strolling around in matching red sweaters that you'll be compelled to give fake smiles to, all the while: CLAWS ITCHING...

Mopey International Miserable & Alone Day!!

Recommended Reading:
The Loathsome Couple by Edward Gorey, guaranteed to complete your celebration...




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