When I first saw Frida Kahlo's painting, "Le due Frida," 1939, I instantly connected to this woman, this creative force that is Frida.
(I couldn't resist including her in my novel - here's an excerpt)

The two poles between which I (and Frida, and many others) oscillate are inventions of my mind. Yet, the duality has a force of its own and expedites meaning.  This same driving force can be observed in the characters I try to build.

It would be naive to think that we are merely organized dually -- we may all have a diversity of opposing pushes or pulls, but in myself as with all my friends, I am fascinated by the childhood essence around which we rotate, around which we are tied, by umbilical cords (or aorta), and from which we fling ourselves in attempts to explore our otherness.

I spent my day Sunday, during our open house, thinking about these forces as friends came and went.  To my writerlies: if you find yourselves far from the written page during these festive times, I hope you will enjoy spending it with your loved ones.   You might also find that once things get back to normal (whatever that normal is), your writings will be flooded with brilliant characters. 

May you all publish widely and successfully in 2011!!!




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